Weather: 27, Slick, Cold, Gloomy

Pax: Dr.P, Pontoon, Woolly, Clancy, Snaphook

Warm0- rubberbands, thigh stretchers, windmills, Frankenstein march.

After some warm-up discussion and scouting it was confirmed we would run ramps at Veterans Garage. we put in @ 3 miles. and the garmin says we got in 37 flights of stairs. sprints were mostly avoided due to some random patches of ice in the garage. we did work in a couple -all you got up ramp 4.

Moleskine: After a mosey up to City Center we ran ramps up to level 4, walked the stairs down, rinsed and repeated many, many times. Pax discussed Clancy’s trip, sounds like Pontoon is looking for a Pontoon, Vo2Max test that Pork took at School, and many other intelligent discussions with big words took place. so YHC basically listened.. Woolly told an amazing tale about how his life was forever altered in a good way when he once dangerously tried chewing tobacco. you must ask him to re tell when you see him. COT: prayers for the Jackson family, The Porkchops upcoming new arrival, and emotional support & comfort for CPD as the Officers and all involved process yesterdays incident on main st. *On the way home I stopped to chat with bubble bath who was outside eh’ing runners in our hood. Awesome! Great fellowship today, love you guys.- Snap

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