Weather: Mid 20s, no real wind, not much ice.  Not bad!

7 Pax at The Vet: Maize (Respect), Snaphook, Logger, Nomad, Biscuit, Clancy, State (Q)

Warn-Up: Weedpickers x 15 (IC), Abe Vigoda x 10 (IC), Motivator x6


Mosey to the gramophone and do burpees while the music plays. 

Mosey to the tunnel.  Lunge walk tunnel north, broad jump tunnel south

Bear Crawl the lights

Indian Run to City Hall

Partner up.  6 rounds.  One partner does the work while the other go-seys (fast mosey) or moseys  around the fountain/circle and switch.  Very cleverly, the 6 rounds spelled out THE VET

  1. Turkish get-ups—60 cumulative and partner gosey
  2. Hand release merkins—100 cumulative and partner mosey
  3. Escalator x 2—10 burpees, 20 star jumps, 30 merks, 40 squats, 50 SSH and partner gosey
  4. Van Goghda—100 cumulative—lying down Abe Vigoda and partner mosey
  5. Elevens—pull ups and dips—due to time running out, one partner started at 10 pull ups and 1 dip, the other at 10 dips and 1 pull up and met in the middle
  6. (jump knee) Tucks—15 OYO due to time constraints

Mosey back to the flags

Mary—30 second one hand plank (right), 30 second one hand plank (left)

Moleskin: Thanks for humoring me with a run-centric workout. But I still think we got in plenty of core and strength work.  Maize is a bad ass and he always inspires me, but I love busting his chops by sneaking in a motivator during the warm-up.   We started out strong with our go-seys but our pace fell off for the 2nd round.  Clancy fully admitted he had a love/hate relationship with this workout.     Not much mumble chatter that I could hear.  I am sure there was plenty when I was running my laps! Biscuit V-Q coming on Fat Tuesday!

COT—Today we honored a WWI veteran with a moment of silence.  Be intentional in your relationships.  Tell those that you love that you love them and tell someone who you are proud of that you are proud of them!  As for me, I am proud of Clancy who is constantly trying to improve and continues to take risks and step out of his comfort zone—way to be a HIM!  Lastly, keep the members of the CPD in your thoughts and prayers.   

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