2-2-2021, 25*F, Clear

PAX – Chirp Chirp, Brickyard, Motorboat, Khaki, PVC, Spund, H2Pooh, Pontoon-19 (Q)

Open to all men – Free – Always outside – Peer lead – COT

Disclaimers –I’m not responsible, you’re not responsible, no one is responsible, including City of Noblesville, Parks & Rec, and associated HOA’s are not responsible.

Warm up –

15 SSH 

10 shoulder pretzels

10 Weed pickers

10 arm circles forward and reverse

10 trunk twists

Tha Thang –

Zamp carry to the Rotunda

10 – overhead press

10 – goblet squats

10 – pull throughs

10 – dead lift

10 – curls

10 – merkins

10 – lawn mowers left/right

Ruck carry to south side of the circle

Squat thrust and launch Cindy forward to opposite end

10 – tricep extensions

10 – block on end and tempo squats to touch

10 – plyo merkins

10 – man makers – OYO

Pax choice – PVC chose block step ups – 13

Mary –

13 – tomb stones

13 – left/right oblique lifts

10 – left/right Khaki style – plank lifts

13 – flutter kicks

Recover Recover

Count off

Name o rama

Prayer requests

Picture by the flag

Moleskin –

Welcome FNG 2nd posting- Scott Santee, 53, H2Pooh (Respect)! A terrific morning in the gloom for an early week block party! The sporadic banter between Khaki and Brickyard was entertaining. Chirp Chirp’s cindy decided to give up during the block launch, but he kept going. Prayers for our Pax with M’s going through tough times. Remember to reach out and check up on them and for Brickyard’s Uncle services today. Great work this morning! Love to all.

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