11 PAX in attendance on this crisp 20 degree morning

Piper, Crabby Po, Wapner, Jay-Z, Pew Pew, Boucher (QIC), Bubblicious, Stache, Cheese Ball, Wolly Dutchman, Fantana


Maestro C.A.P. Lap

Grass Pickers IC x 15

Calf Stretches 30 sec

Hammy Stretches 30 sec

Quad Stretches 30 sec

Willy Mays Hays OYO

Batwing IC x 10

Chest Strech x 2 30 sec

Back Stretch x 2 30 sec

Arm Stretches OYO


Mosey to the stairs.

Tempo Merkins IC x 10 – decreased tempo with each rep

Stair Suicide- had to modify on last 2 reps to a Wizard Sleeve lap due to icy stair conditions

Rinse & Repeat 3x


Mosey back to the flags to begin CAP Lap circuit until time for Mary. 3 exercise stations for each lap.

Block Swings x 12, Block Upright Row x 12

Skaters x 12 (each leg), Carolina Dry Dock x 12

Frogleap Squat Jump 20 yards, Dirty Hookups x 12, Box Jump x 12- Modified into jump squats due to icey boxes


Heavy Freddy’s IC x 20

Heavy Leg Raises IC x 10

Heel Touches IC x 20

V-Up Roll-Up’s OYO x 10

Burpees OYO x 10

Monkey Humper Ring of Fire


The beatdown start alarm went off as planned at 5:30 by serenading the PAX with the familiar sound of “I got you babe,” and “The Pennsylvania Polka” while they received the Qs disclaimer speech before running a Maestro (who’s that?) C.A.P. lap.   Early in Thang 1 PAX began to voice complaints about the beat down being oddly familiar with a very recent workout and were starting to have déjà vu. The brow beating provided by the Q over the ignorance of their false memory was short lived due to the discovery of the steps that had been overrun by ice and snow which provided an overly difficult experience to complete a suicide run. The quick thinking Q audibled the running away from the stairs and into a Wizard Sleeve lap which resulted in a stachless PAX, who will remain nameless, deciding to ridicule himself by sustaining an ankle injury while attempting to forge the icy mote that protects the tennis courts. PAX complaints reared its ugly head again as Thang 2 was started revolving around more familiarity of the beat down.  Finally, the stachless but nameless PAX was able to redeem himself by being the first to realize the theme of the day revolved around the classic movie “Groundhog Day.”  Mary was also able resemble a recent beat down up until the point when Piper overstepped his allotted mumble chatter time and the Q was forced to shove additional Burpees into his winkie for all the PAX to enjoy. The morning was a success and the addition of some F3 friends, who reside down south, coming to visit made it one for the books.  Holidays are memory makers and this one was no different.  

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