Big EZ – 23 degree, snowy leftovers and cold

8 PAX – Beefsteak, Pickles, Mullet, McStuffins, Butterfly, Springbok, Beater, Ace (Q)

5 core principles:

Always Free, Open to All Men, Held Outdoors, Peer-Led, End in a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, Zionsville Presbyterian, and I are not responsible. Maintain social distance

Warm up:

– SSH x 20 IC

– Weed Pickers x 15 IC

– Abe Vigodas x 10 IC

– Al Gore hold 15 seconds, circle left, circle right, hold with overhead claps

– High knees 15 seconds

– Butt kickers 15 seconds

Zamp Carry to new spot

The Thang

Set 1: Arms

Colt 45 IC: 15 each of bottom curl, top curl, full curl 

40 Rocky Balboa

15 Overhead Press

40 Rocky Balboa

15 Tricep Raises

40 Rocky Balboa

10 CPRs:  “C”url, Overhead ”P”ress, Tricep “R”aise

40 Rocky Balboa

Ruck carry to new spot

Set 2: Legs

20 Goblet Squats

10 Incline Merkins

20 Alternating Side Squats

10 Decline Merkins

20 Kettle Bell Swings

10 Alternating Merkins

10 Man Makers

Farmer carry

Set 3: Waterfall

Group on their six holding up block for chest press. Q begins with one rep and each pax in circle complete a rep in sequence. Then 2 reps, 3, 4, 5…

Group in squat position holding block straight out -Hitler. Q begins with one rep of pulling the block to their chest and each pax completes it around the circle, then 2, 3 until we can’t anymore. 

Group holds plank on top of block. Q begins Blockee with 1 rep, and each pax completes 1 rep, then 2, 3, 4 until Q calls time. 

Mosey to Mary


– LBCs x 20 IC

– American Hammers x 20

– Pretzel crunch x10, then switch legs  IC

– Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

– Plank, then add shoulder touches

Recover, Recover!

Circle of Trust:


Announcements/Prayer Requests: Freed to Lead discussion on Zoom at 8:30pm. Lay two chapters focus. 

Prayers for Pickles family, thanks to F3 men, and prayers we can continue to be leaders in our families, work, and communities.   

Moleskin:  note to self… holding a block straight out in front of you while in a squat and waiting for 8 PAX to complete a round of exercises only works for 2 rounds :).  Chatter of cold hands didn’t stop us and we rocked the block party.  SYITG


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