8 PAX: Cornwallis, Dr. Porkchop, Nomad, Exploding Cow, Proximity, Square, Logger, Khaki (Q) 

Warm Up:

Weed pickers IC

Arm Circles IC

Finkle Swings OYO


Mosey to wall

10 Burpees

15 Hand-release merkins

20 Box jumps

25 Squats

30 Lunges

Mosey to school

Pull-up circle (one PAX does 10 pull-ups max while others hold Al Gore)

Mosey back to wall R&R

Circle Burp while holding Al Gore – 10 total for each PAX


40 IC lbc’s

20 IC Flutter Kicks 

20 IC Gas Pumps

10 IC lbc’s


Great to be back down at the Pit having the Q in the gloom. The warm up started out with a riveting conversation about whether you put two spaces or one between the period and the beginning of a new sentence – we all know it’s 1 space ( e x c e p t N o m a d ). Not too much mumble chatter once we got into the beatdown but good encouragement during the pull up piece. This workout is based off of a CrossFit workout but YHC doubled the reps and added REAL PULL-UPS because we’re F3 and we don’t back down. Love getting some reps in and getting our heart rate up. If you haven’t been to The Pit yet, make sure you make it down there! Keep EH’ing and giving it away! 

Khaki out

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