The Hill. February 6th, 2021. 12 degrees, icy

19 PAX for a ruck.

It was great to come home to the Hill to finish up posting every Indy AO this week (8, including WFH). Wouldn’t have done it without all your support, and shout-out to Fantana and Cheeseball for going up to Blackcat with me, and Quick for joining me for WFH before the ruck. I highly recommend the around the world week!

Go checkout the interviews Kitty is doing on Slack, and especially this week’s with Bumblebee for some BIG news! Service projects coming up, let’s do some HIM stuff! Also on Slack, Square posted about an awesome program called Safe Families. Go check it out! Prayers for Snooki’s extended family with a member struggling with Covid, and unity in our nation and world. Thanks men, SYITG.

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