2/8/21 Grizzly 10 degrees and calm with a light dusting of snow. 2 PAX reporting. (Herbie & Coyote-Q)

*** WARM UP ***
Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Imperial Walkers IC x20
Weed Pickers IC x10  
Arm Circles IC x20
*** THE THANG ***
Block Tabata workout.  8 sets of alternating exercises – 30 seconds on, 25 seconds rest
Cycle 1 – Block Merkins and Mountain Climbers
Cycle 2 – Block Curls and Block Squats
Cycle 3 – Block Dips and Kettle Swings
Cycle 4 – Calf Raises and Overhead Block Presses
*** MARY ***
Low Flutter IC x20
Gas Pumps IC x20
Low Dollies IC x20
Plank 1 minute
Prayers given for Cosmo’s M and Chirp Chirps daughter who was sick last night. Grabbed the Q at the last minute so I recycled a prior Tabata Block Party work out from the Fall. It was a good two man beat down and a great opportunity to get to know Herbie better.

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