7 men posted in 4° calm, frigid, gloom


Maestro Lap

Grass Pickers ICx15


Reach Around ICX15

Manatee stretch

Australian snow angels ICX10

Shoulder pretzels ICX20

Nipple Tweakers ICX15


Super 21

1 dip in shelter house

1 merkin at restroom

2 dips in shelter house

2 merkins at caboose

Up to 21 with all even number merkins taking place at caboose and odd at the restroom


Pickle pointers ICX15

Pickle pounders ICX15

Pickle pointers ICX15

Pickle pounders ICX15


For only 4° the gloom wasn’t miserable. There was talk of cold toes at first but QIC kept them moving. Most PAX completed 15 rounds except for a guy named Stache who did 17. Super 21 became Superbad rather quickly with the above average amount of running. A comment was made regarding the fact that those OGs in North Carolina couldn’t have made it in our climate today. Maybe that’s why they thought “rain or shine” would be cute. Toward the end QIC was subjected to vulgar name calling. Could it be from an inconsistent PAX who is not used to Monday workouts? Regardless, it prompted yours truly to take that vulgar name and spin it into a pickle pointing marathon. After all, they don’t call me (insert vulgar name) for nothing! Great to have Daisy back today and prayers for good results from his genome test this week. Again, Daisy proved that no matter your injury or ailment, a creative and dedicated PAX can modify any workout to fit their needs. See you all Wednesday. You too Wapner.

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