7 PAX at The Vet – Bubble Bath, Chirp Chirp, Nomad, WIlson, Fantana, Genie, Clancy (Q)

Weather: 18 Degrees with a few spits of snow.

Welcome – Core Principles, Modify, be careful on unstable ground/snow.

SSH X 27
Weedpickers X 10
Arm Circles X 9 X 2

Baseball with dice.
1 – Single – 5 Merkins
2 – Double – 10 Squats
3 – Triple – 10 Lunges
4 – Homerun – 5 Burpees
5 – Walk – 5 Merkins
6 – Strikeout
Roll same number twice – Out
Mosey on and off the field after each half inning

Motivator from 5 – I know, Maize, that should not have counted as Mary. But, it was cold and snowy, and YHC decided we were not laying on the snow.

Recover, Recover.

COT – EH motivation. Our brick chosen today was for Basil Duke. Nomad noted that with a name like that, he probably drank whiskey for breakfast. But, to each his own. Regardless, he served our great Country, and for that, we gave thanks. We prayed for Hope and for Bubble Bath’s Mom (Amy).

There we were, walking onto the field. It felt just like walking onto Wrigley Field, except without the grass, the bleachers, the fans, the ivy, the baseball gloves, or the baseball. But it felt just like it. With hope and anticipation for spring ahead, we played a few innings of baseball. We split into two teams. Fantana, Bubble Bath, and Chirp Chirp played against Nomad, Genie, Wilson, and Clancy. We took one extra player due to Chirp Chirp’s baseball prowess. During each half inning, teams rolled the famous (and preserved) Monopoly Dice to determine our fate. The crowd roared at each pitch. There were several homeruns hit by Chirp Chirp, which was to his benefit for the Rep Challenge, and to all our benefit for getting stronger. Nomad has the numbers in his head, but I am sure we did around 30 burpees. The top of the first inning came with an abrupt 4 runs for the visiting team to be followed by a measly 2 for the home team. In the second, the teams matched with a powerful seven run inning each, leaving the score 11-9 after 2. The third was more of a pitching duel with 4 runs scored by each team. The 7th, or 3rd inning stretch called for a slowzy to allow the extended break with the great Harry Carry singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and a couple on-field games with the mascot. The home team brought their ace in for what ended up being the fourth and final inning due to a time limit. The visiting team could only muster one run leaving the tally at 16-13 heading to the bottom of the fourth. The home team beat up on Chirps call to the bullpen after just one out and scored 4 when Ryne Sandberg hit a walk-off double down the right field line. Final score, Good HIMs 17, Almost as Good HIMs 16. The victors trotted off the field in glory and gave virtual high-fives because Covid says no touching, and YHC said no snuggling.

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