Pax: Flash, Square, Proximity, EC, and Cornwallis (QIC)

Core Principles

SSH x 20
IST x 10
Kick with Twist x 10
Windmill x 10
Weed Picker x 10


Mosey to the brick wall

First 11’s: Incline Merkins and Dips

Mosey to the steps

Second 11’s: Lunges, run to the top, Monkey humpers, run back down

Mosey to the rocks

Third 11: EMOM for 11 minutes
5 Skull crushers
10 Merkins
15 Squats

Bear crawl up the road to the black and yellow crossbar

Flutter kicks x 15
Low Dolly x 15
LBC x 15
Freddie Mercury x 15

Recover, Recover!

-There was a lot more snow on the ground that YHC anticipated so we had to adjust slightly.
-Great to have Flash back out with us! We laughed when he chose to come back on one of the coldest and snowiest days of the year 🙂
-Everyone worked really hard and there was not much mumblechatter.
-Great work guys! Thanks for coming out.
-T-claps and prayers to Dr. Porkchop and his 2.0


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