Feb 10, 2021: 10 PAX warmed up the cool morning air with excellent effort despite ice, snow, and temps in the teens. Daisy, Stache, Pew Pew, Wapner, Boucher, Piper, Jay-Z, CrabbyPo, Shamu, Bubblicious(QIC)

Maestro Lap
20 SSH
20 Grass Pickers
10 finkle swings OYO
Legs OYO
Arms OYO
Scorpions OYO

Thang 1
“Leave No Man Behind”

PAX were instructed to run to specific location. Once they arrived, turn around and find the ‘six’ then proceed to run back to the designated rendezvous. Continue this pattern until the six arrives at the meeting spot.

Thang 2
“Dueling Doomsday Clock”
Round 1:
Two groups formed a circle. At the start signal, each PAX got into the plank position. One PAX did one merkin and returned to the plank, then the PAX on his right did one merkin and returned to the plank, after all PAX in the clock did one merkin, the starting PAX did two merkins, etc. Once a PAX was unable to hold the plank or complete the merkins, he was out. As soon as one group was down to two remaining PAX, the round ended. One group got up to 10 merkins. The other 9.5.

Round 2:
Followed the same pattern as above, but Al Gore’s were the static hold and squats were the movement. Total squats performed by each group is still under review. Much hurt and leg numbness felt by all. (Especially Daisy after modifying Round 1 with squats!)

“No man left behind” back to the flags.

LBC’s x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks x20 IC
Heels 2 Heaven x20
V-Up Roll Ups x 10 OYO
Heels to Heaven x 10 IC


Moleskin: Impressive effort exhibited by all despite the frigid cold. PAX questioned the Winky’s volume of running…the Q questioned it as well, but Winky’s are known to have a mind of their own from time to time. Piper’s pursuit of PAX maternal lineage backfired for once. Boucher still needs to get his butt down and Daisy gets an upgraded Man Card for showing up and modifying movements despite recovering from a recent surgery. Good work men!

Sure, its cold out this time of year, but so what?! Keep showing up. Build mental toughness and support the right habits.

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt, until they are too heavy to be broken.”-Warren Buffet

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