18F with fresh 2 inches of snow

9 Pax at the Hill: Khaki, Optimus, Logger, Bumblebee, FNG(Josh), Bubblebath, Biscuit, Nomad, Snooki (Q)

Core Principles


  • Motivator from 7
  • Side lunges 10x
  • Abe vagoda 10x
  • Arm circle 5x and 5x in reverse
  • Seal jacks 20x
  • Weed picker 10x


  • Mosey to alcove but the snow was too deep.
  • Mosey to the fishbowl:
    • Do each exercise for 45s with a rest for 10s (later changed to 15s).
    • Merkins
    • Carolina drydock
    • Bobby Blairs
    • Shoulder tap
    • Pull up
    • Diiiips
  • We managed to go through 4 full sets of the above. The last set, we did these:
    • Shoulder taps
    • Merkins
    • Lunges


  • Big boy situp 30x (loose IC)


  • There was a lot of snow on the ground but we made the best out of it.
  • Q was reminded that pax only have two shoulders. Q was also reminded when it was 6:15a.
  • There were a lot of unsolicited suggestion that shoulder taps ought to be done parallel to something, presumably to the ground.
  • Talks about why is it called Carolina drydocks? Is it NC or SC?
  • Days like today with cold temp and snow on the ground make YHC feel good to be in control of our body. To be the master of it and not the other way around. This only happens at f3! Thank you men!

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