Temp: 18, freezing cold

# of Pax’s: 5 Civilians transformed into Superheroes

Disclaimer: Nobody is responsible for you or your actions except you.

Core Principles: Free; open to all Men; outside rain, snow, or shine; peer led; ends with COT

• Warm-O: IC each


o Weed Pickers

o Imperial Walkers

• Thang: Superhero Training

o Level 1: Apprentice

▪ 40 Block Merkins (build biceps for costume)

▪ 40 Block Shoulder Taps (enlargement of Pectoral muscles)

▪ 40 Squats (enhancement for the rest of the costume)

▪ Zamp Carry around Pagoda

o Level 2: Maybe you can save someone

▪ 40 Slow Climbers (in case you want to be like Spiderman)

▪ 40 Curls (Biceps scare the Criminals!)

▪ 50 Plank Jacks (strong legs equal strong___)

▪ Zamp Carry around Pagoda

o Level 3: Almost ready to buy the Costume

▪ 40 1-Legged Merkins, 20ea leg (intimidate bad guys with big ____)

▪ 40 Arm/Leg Plank Releases (you will need to learn balance)

▪ 30 Block LBCs (chicks dig the abs bro)

▪ Zamp Carry around Pagoda

o Level 4: Costume Purchased! Last Level before you can save the city!

▪ 40 Incline Dips (umm…tricep + bicep= Muscles)

▪ 20 Squat Thrusters (maximizing the tights in certain areas)

▪ 40 Chest Presses (really? Chicks dig the biceps and Pecks remember)

▪ Zamp Carry around Pagoda

• Congrats! (Almost a Superhero, but last step toward being a Superhero is by completing the ultimate exercise called, “The Superhero”!

– 10 Block Merkins, 10 Block Curls, 10 Squat Thrusters, and 10 8-ct Man Makers without resting, stopping, or taking a breather!

• Bam! Ka Pow! Boom! You’re now a Superhero!

• Mary:  As in Mary Jane from Spiderman duh

• 20 Block Flutter Kicks

• 15 Block High Dollies

Recover, Recover Superhero!!

Nam-O-Rama & Prayers

COT: Continued prayers for Pontoon’s Sister. Praise for the Courage and Strength to get out of the bed and workout/fellowship in icy conditions. Prayers for safety over everyone traveling today. Prayers for Teachers, IA, and Front Line workers.

Moleskin: YHC assumed at 5:10, that a loner workout was at hand, however, 4 more Pax came in HOT and ready to transform into Superheroes (2 of them didn’t read the #PB and forgot their Sidekick). This is a classic Rookie mistake 😒, but they just modified as necessary! YHC and Pontoon had to take a “change of gloves” break as our gloves were still wet from UF and caused our fingers to freeze quickly. Motorboat really got into this and thought he really was transforming into a Superhero and started curling tables and trying to do chest presses with the tables. Motorboat is a real life Superhero though! Aye. The Pax pushed through the training and were excited to hear they had completed the last level. That is, until of course, YHC mentioned the last and final exercise to pass the training was “The Superhero”! After explanation of the exercises, a couple of Pax mumbled something, Spud mentioned he was intrigued, and Motorboat just laughed. Pretty sure that Motorboat has some bad ideas for his next Q so stay tuned! Great work SuperHeroes!!

Chirp out!

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