2/12/21 Grizzly 18 degrees and breezy.  3 PAX reporting. Wrigley, Einstein, and Coyote (Q) 
*** WARM UP ***
Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Imperial Walkers IC x15
Weed Pickers – Slow IC x10  
Arm Circles IC x20
Mosey to the strip mall by the New Covid Vaccine Center. (Old Marsh)
*** THE THANG ***
In honor of the small businesses in this strip mall we will partner up and do some exercises that represent each small business. 1 Partner runs while the other does the exercise.

ATI: 75 Lt. Dan’s (Lt. Dan needed a lot of therapy)
Dentist: 150 LBC’s (A lot of us turn into little babies at the Dentist)
Pools of Fun: 200 Dips (Dip in the pool)
Veterinarian: 2 sets each Monkey Humpers (We take our monkey here)
Dry Cleaners: 100 Carolina Dry Docks (Dry)
Nail Salon: 1 set each Balls to the Wall (F3 Men shouldn’t go in here, if so…)
China Wok: 150 Merkins (The food is really good but this is America so we do Merkins)
Hallmark: 1 set each Hallelujah Wall Sits (Hall)
El Camino: 50 Rosalita’s (Mexican Restaurant)

Mosey back to the Flag.

*** Moleskin ***
It was cold but we stayed warm by incorporating some running into the beatdown. Good times with Einstein and Wrigley. Ran short on time so we shorten the last two exercises and incorporated the Rosalita’s as Mary. Wrigley was disappointed that there weren’t any strippers at the beatdown. Q should have been more clear in the pre-blast. Continued prayers for Cosmos M. Reminder of 2nd F February CSAUP Challenge. Post acts of love on the 2nd F Channel.

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