Valentine’s Day Party Massacre

  • Big EZ
  • Friday February 12, 2021
  • 17degF, Cloudy, Slight Breeze
  • Eight PAX, Three Shovel Flags
Core principles
I'm not responsible for you, modify as needed
I'm also not responsible if you're offended by innuendos used during beatdown

Al Gore (hug some trees!) for a 30 count by half of the PAX
Groiners IC x10
Al Gore again for 30 count by 2nd half of PAX
Dirty Hookups x10 OYO, repeated until the garbage truck left the parking lot

Find a rock from the ditch from under the snow (or just use an ice chunk)

Wood Choppers IC starting from the right x10
Exchange valentines (trade rocks or ice with someone special)
Wood Choppers IC starting from the left x10
Exchange valentines again

Drag Your Balls - bear crawl to 2nd light pole and back while scooting your rock/ice along with you
(Should be done using two rocks, but we had enough fun digging out one rock per PAX)
Exchange valentines

(Social Distanced) Tunnel of Love to end of building
Instead of crawling under the other PAX and getting their cooties, bear crawl around the line of PAX

Date Night Suicides
Pick someone to be your Valentine (partner up)
Valentines start at either end of 16 parking spaces and run suicides until meeting in the middle.  
One parter holds plank, other holds crab position until the six gets in.  
Backwards suicides back to starting position.  
You should be facing your parter through the entire thang.  
Extra points for maintaining eye contact.
Rotate partners, repeat....

Pickle Pointers IC x25 26
J-Los IC x10
X's and O's called out by each PAX around circle

Low mumble chatter due to cold and facing the ground most of the time.
We got lucky that we could dig out enough coupons (landscape rocks) from under the snow.
Dragging ice can lead to breakup mid way through, giving several smaller coupons to drag.
It's OK though, Beefsteak needed the challenge.  
Prayers for everyone maintaining our infrastructure (roads, water pipes, etc) during the cold.  
Prayers of thanks for our M's and family to share Valentine's Day with this weekend.

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