2/15/21 Grizzly 10 degrees and Snow. (-1 degree Wind Chill)   1 PAX reporting. (Coyote Q)
*** WARM UP ***
Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Imperial walkers IC x20
Weed pickers IC x15  
Arm circles IC x20
Motivators from 5
*** THE THANG ***
Walk with the Block 15 Count Down. Walk around the park with the block for 90 secs. Stop and perform Merkins, Overhead Presses, and squats each stop. Set the Tabata Timer for 15 rounds. (90 secs work and 60 secs rest) Work = Walk and Rest = Exercise.

15 Rounds
Round 1: 15 Merkins, 15 Overhead Presses, 15 Squats, walk 90 secs
Round 2: 14 Merkins, 14 Overhead Presses, 14 Squats, walk 90 secs
Reduce by 1 each round until at 1. Add calf raises to fill in as the sets get shorter.

*** MARY ***
LBC’s OYO 70
Low Flutter OYO x50
*** Moleskin ***
I shoveled off the snow from the normal warm up spot by the wall. I figured if you shovel they will come. No luck on that but it was still a good lonely beatdown this morning. I figured since I was here no sense wasting the morning. Not much Idle chatter with myself today and no complaints about the Q.

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