5 brave men posted
5° F and calm with a couple inches of fresh powder

Maestro lap
Grass Pickers ICx15
Reach Around ICX15
Hot Ass Lisa’s ICX10
Nipple Tweakers ICX15

Mosey from shelter to shelter (all 6 of them)
At each stop:
20 Monkey humpers
20 Pickle pointers
20 Pickle pounders
20 Carolina dry docks

Time allowed for several audibles
2 minute wall sit
Squat/Al Gore ROF X20
Merkin/plank ROF X20

Flutter kicks ICx20
20 leg lifts OYO
Freddie Mercury ICX20
Hello Dolly ICX20

You know the phrase “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it?” Well, it was REAL close today and sadly the beat down was light on the “beat.” Yours truly apparently took Boucher’s comment of a heavy consumption weekend too literally.  Too much food.
The morning started off with plenty of chatter as Boucher proclaimed a fart sack for Piper only to find out that Piper arrived before he did, and on time I might add. The SSH in warmup reminded us all of Popeye, God rest his sole, as the number continued to skyrocket, finally halting on a precarious number…..
Disappointed with the turnout, especially with the probability of Wednesday’s workout being difficult to attend.  The surprise today was that all of the PAX besides myself were from out of town. The locals need to do better!
Please pray for Bubblicious’ father as he goes in for a procedure this week. Boucher’s M also is to have a chiropractic adjustment this week. Pray for relief.
Hunker down, boys. The weather is about to be frightful. 

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