PAX: Pontoon-19, Beefsteak, Khaki (Q)

Warm Up:

While one PAX shoveled a spot to workout in, others did 


Finkle Swings

Overhead Claps


1:1 Merkin & Squat (Repeat 1:1, 2:2, 3:3… until 15:15)

1:1 Dips & Calf Raises (Repeat 1:1, 2:2, 3:3… until 15:15)



20 IC American Hammers

20 IC Gas Pumps


At 0515 YHC was a little worried he’d be by himself in the gloom but at 0518, 2 brave PAX pulled into the unplowed parking lot of Tundra. We made our way to the rotunda and Pontoon brought his shovel so that we didn’t have to play in the snow too much. Great conversation during the beatdown and enjoyed the crisp 10 degree air hitting our face. Workout was simple but a burner – 240 merkins + 240 dips will really get to you! Let’s hope that NV parking lot is plowed for ultimate tomorrow 🙂

Khaki out

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