Weather: 10 degrees, and felt like -3. A lot of snow.

PAX: Snookie, Motorboat, Logger

Disclaimer Given

Warmup: 30 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, 10 Windmills, 20 Seal Jacks, and 10 Weedpickers.

Becoming a princess: 20 Curtsey Lunges

With a snowshovel: 10 Shovel throws each arm, 10 axe chops each arm.

Let it Go: Lunges while we listen to Let it Go, every time the magic word is said, we did a burpee.

Snow pile challenge: Who can build a taller snow pile while “First Time in Forever”. Victory goes to Motorboat.

Snow Plow challenge: From Light post to Light post, push shovel through snow. We did this twice.

Snow Trek to the North Mountain.

At the bottom of the hill, PAX do Imperial Squat Walkers while 1 PAX does a Bearcrawl Sled to the top and sleds down the hill. (lots of legs so we got some mericans and the choice to do whatever you wanted). We got 3 rounds in

Recover Recover

Moleskin: Surprised to only have 3 of us this morning, but it was fun. Let it Go was deceiving – you get concerned about the burpees, but the lunges turn into a real grind and there are only 12 burpees. The Snowpile challenge brought out three seperate techniques. I went with a spiral pattern around my mound, Motorboat wen with a wider width around his, and Snooki mostly shoveled on one side. I would love to see how teams of 6 would work – how tall of a pile and what we all looked like. For the SnowPlow challenge – that was way tougher than I would have thought. Your feet slip and you fall, your shovel gets stuck and its just a heavy push. Going back over where we already pushed snow wasn’t easier – we were all breathing hard and needed a minute.

I hope someone sees the random piles of snow and randomly cleared areas and wonder what the hell happened.

Walking through snow was tough work, and worthy of a workout. Once we got their, it was time to sled. This was more about finding an excuse to go sledding than it was about working out. We got a good track going down the hill and it had some bumps to give you a little air time. My goal was to take advantage of the snowfall, I think we did that.

Thanks Men!

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