Pax: Cornwallis, Proximity, EC & Square (Q)
Disclaimer + F3 Core Principles

Side Straddle Hop x25 IC
Windmills x 15 IC
Weed Pickers x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Runners stretch

Mosey around the parking lot 1 time and wave to the Salt truck guy
3 Rounds of exercises. Reps are x10, x20, x10 for each of the 3 rounds

Round 1:
Squat to overhead clap
Squat pulses
Step back lunges with side punch

Round 2:
Mountain climbers (2 is 1)
Supermans (IC)

Round 3:
Go digging for rocks in the snow – 1 rock in each hand
Alternating curls (2 is 1)
Hops (holding rocks)
Bent over rows
Mosey 1 lap around the Staples lot

Holding squat position – Alternating shadow punches x50 (IC)

Pulsing Side Plank (each side) x10
Flutter Kicks x10
Gas Pumps x10
American Hammers x20 IC
Recover Recover!

10 degrees, 10+ inches of snow.
There’s something about being outside in the fresh fallen snow… I supposed it’s like an instant recall of childhood, snow days, sledding and playing in the snow. It’s just awesome.
Apparently the maintenance crew at the Glendale mall got the memo that F3 shows up no matter what the weather gives us, so they had the entire lot plowed for us. I guess it’s good to have the inside connections! 🙂 Thanks maintenance crew!

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