Weather: 10 degrees with lots of snow on the ground.

Pax: Genie, Bube Bath, Fantana, CheeseBall (q)

Disclaimer and core principles given

Warm up:

  • Weed pickers- 10
  • Shoulder Pretzels -10
  • SSH- 15

Thang: Walked around reflection pound in fresh powder. Stopped on each side of pond for an exercise.

  • south side -did some snow angels (just because),
  • NW corner and wrote “HI BOB” under a future FNG’s new apartment. (Tried to get him to wake up and enjoy the morning, but he wasn’t having it.
  • north side of reflection pond- 5 Turkish get-ups per arm

Decided to check out the monon to see if that had been plowed, it hadn’t. (Strangely enough, the entire palladium property had been plowed and swept, including the decorative walkway and the stairs.) Went to the tunnel for a short beat down and confuse the Carmel PD watching the cameras.

  • 10 slow IC Merkins
  • 20 OYO monkey humpers
  • 20 OYO pickle pounders (cut short to 10 because we thought any minute CPD would show up)

Mosey back to palladium through the nicely plowed grounds to the steps. Went up and down stairs at each handrail then did calf raises 20 OYO for each set: outside, inside, straight


  • Flutter Kicks – 25 IC
  • LBC – 20 IC
  • 40 shoulder taps OYO


moleskin: was hoping to have some fun in the snow. Asked for PAX to bring a sled to have a sled push, but the snow was was too powdery for that to work. Called a few audibles along the way and had some fun in the snow. Since the palladium was the only thing plowed, we were able to find parking for our 4 cars. Glad to have written my schedule out or I probably wouldn’t have woken up on time, or finished on time.

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