6 Pax at Grizzly on Feb 17th.  2 below zero, no wind. Park and Parking lot where snow covered, nothing had been plowed

Cosmos, Spud, Herbie, Coyote, Kitty, Pappy (Q) 

5 principles 

Disclaimer (especially with the conditions) 

Found cleanest area on lot, not like it mattered 

Warm up 

Motivators from 8 

16 IC Weed Pickers 

10 IC Arm circles forward 

10 IC Arm Circle Backward 


Tabata 30 second on 15 second rest 

Rounds 1, 2, 3 

Squat Jumps


Alternating Lounges 

High Knees

(repeat the above 4 to complete one round) 

Round 4 

Squat Jumps 


Alternating Lounges 

Calf Raises 


HIT Abs 30 seconds of each no rest between 

High Knees 

Low plank right foot off ground 

Low plank Left foot off group 

High Knees 

Low Plank 

High Plank 

High Knees 

LBC Hold 

V hold 

Recover Recover 

Bonus exercise- Push Kitty’s car through the parking lot out of the Snow.

COT- Continued prayers for Cosmo’s M. Prayers for DC’s Back.

Mole Skin- 

Cold morning but thankful for no Wind. Pax and Q were surprised nothing at the park was plowed, so Q modified workout to stay in the parking lot where the snow was at least a little driven on. Good reminder of the our disclaimer. Kitty got stuck on the way out so we added a new workout, push Kitty’s Sled through the snow, it took all hands on deck. I am still convinced he was using brake pedal and not the gas pedal.

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