Weather: 16, Snow.

9 Pax braved treacherous e-learning day roads

WarmO- SSH, Michael Phelps, Finkle Swings, Nancy Kerrigans, Weed Pickers, Mosey to OG Lot

Olympic 2 Pax Skeleton-Bobsled Teams. Pax A. does exercise, while Pax B travels 200′. when Pax B arrives he begins the exercise while Pax A travels back to him..

Rd 1. Carioca. & Apolo Anton OhNo

Rd 2. Power Skip, Mario Style. & Mogul Ski Hops

Rd 3. High Knees. & Mountain Climbers

Rd 4. Buttkickers. & Ballerina Burpee Jacks

Rd 5. Bernie Sanders. & Crab Humpers

Mosey to BB Court for Event #2

Freethrow challenge. punishment increase for missed shot. (pax pointed out that bb is not a winter Olympic sport)

SSH, Bonnie Blairs, Chilly Jacks, Prisoner Squats, Merkins, BBSU, Catalina Wine Mixers, Smurf Jacks, Calf Raises. State 2/2. All other Pax- 0 for 7.

Mosey to hill road. Jacobs Ladder- Run up hill, burpee. mosey down. rinse and repeat adding a burpee. we got through 4 rounds.

Mary- Australian Snow Angels, & Standard Snow Angels. Mosey back to Flag for COT/Picture/Medal Ceremony.

Moleskine: YHC is grateful to report that no injuries occurred during these Olympic events. Snooki got off to an early lead with tremendous scores for his Mario Power skip, Optimus, Wrigley & Slider impressed the judges with crab humpers you can only achieve via years of practice. Logger helped his score and the judge by demonstrating the Ballerina burpee Jack, Kitty nearly got on the podium, if not for missing a gate in the uphill moguls. State dominated the free throws and is still talking about it at breakfast. Bumblebee was appalled, or jealous.. and tried to take him out with an abandoned broken sled during the burpee ladder. multiple pax called him Tonya Harding after witnessing this. Gold went to State, Pax tried to give Snaphook the Silver and Bronze but he humbly refused them. Tons of fun despite the weather! Keep EH’ing- TWOC is almost here!!! Love you all- Snap

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