10 pax posted in the snow at Tundra.

Warm up was 15x IC Abe Vigoda, 15x SSH, 10x lunges and 10x arm circles

Thang: How long is a minute. Yes it is 60 seconds but how good are you at gauging that amount of time while exercising. Each HIM would be given an exercise and a question (favorite vacation or how did you and your wife meet). Everyone would exercise for a minute and the HIM would regale us with some personal details. When the HIM thought it was 1 minute he would say stop. Q kept time on the clock and everyone did 1 burpee for every second under a minute and 1 merkin for every second over a minute. Much was learned about our group. Too many merkins and not enough burpees.

Mary: heels to heaven x15 IC, low dolly x10 IC and 50 LBC OYO.

Good fun was had by all I believe. @woollydutchman has unique story of meeting his wife and we all want to hang out with @f3motorboat when he retires. Scuba all day and fresh fish for dinner!

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