The Pit

Weather: Tropical compared to yesterday, beautiful snow falling

Pax: Cornwallis, EC, Square, Proximity

Disclaimer/Core Principles

Warmup: SSH, AV, GG, Walkers, Runners stretch


Mosey to Hell on Wheels parking lot. Merkin ladder workout running back and forth to the light poles and increasing merkin counts after each run

Extra long mosey to the schoolyard to uncover cindys for some blockwork:

4 ct sweeper squat holds + 20 squat jumps + Hip thrusters with block + 20 squat jumps + flash abs with block + 20 squat jumps + lunge twist with block + 20 squat jumps

Mary in the schoolyard since our sweepers had cleared a spot in the snow:

Hammers with block, BBSU, LBCs, plank to finish the workout

Mosey back to panera for COT – COR, NOR, TAPs


Grateful to have the opportunity to lead. I am continuously inspired by you men who post all winter here with minimal complaints. I’ve told some of my BOTG back in TX that “the gloom” takes on a whole new meaning here. Thankful for F3 and the ability to jump right in and find like minded brothers in a new town. F3 has made the move to Indy and this first winter so much better. I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to getting to know everyone better.

Also: whoever scoped out the Pit for an AO picked a great spot. Pretty much any kind of workout you’d want to do can be done there and really provides a great opportunity to mix it up. And Panera is a huge bonus!

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