Big EZ – 10 degrees, cold and snow piles!

PAX – Pickles, Springbok, BeefSteak, McStuffins, Butterfly, Sarge, Ace (Q)

5 core principles:

Always Free, Open to All Men, Held Outdoors, Peer-Led, Ends in a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, Zionsville Presbyterian, and I are not responsible. Maintain social distance

Warm up:

– SSH x 20 IC

– Weed Pickers x 15 IC

– Abe Vigodas x 10 IC

– Arm Circles x 10 forward and backward

– Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Mosey to Ledge

Thang 1: Partner up Balls to the Wall

P1: Balls to the wall, while P2 completes exercises. 3 rounds each exercise. How I met my spouse storytelling…

  1. Dips x 20
  2. Squats x 20
  3. Merkins x 20
  4. Burpees x 20
  5. Lunges x 20 (10 each leg)


Thang 2: Ladder down 

Complete reps jog to light, 5 burpees,  and jog back. On your Own, one is one

Mountain Climbers x 30

Jog, 5 burpees, jog

Apolo Ohno x 30

Jog, 5 burpee, jog

Bobby Hurley x 30

Jog, 5 burpee, jog

Active recover until the six is in (SSH or Squat)

Mosey to Mary


– LBCs x 20 IC

– Flutter Kicks x 15 IC

– Pretzel crunch x10, then switch legs  IC

– Low Dolly x 10 IC

– Superman, Ironman 

Recover, Recover!

Circle of Trust:

Announcements: 3rd F event at IDES this weekend, open to join Q Source discussions on Thursday nights 8:30 on Zoom. Beefsteak has the readings for next week. 

Prayer Requests: where art thou Mullet and Eno.  All to reach out to check on these two F3 brothers.  Prayers for those who are homeless and/or struggling in these cold temps. Especially those in TX, Mexico, elsewhere where infrastructure is not as mature to support the cold. 

Moleskin:  Long sets of Balls to the Wall can quickly take their toll on a man. We passed the time by sharing great stories of how we met our spouses, mishaps of wedding day bliss, simple to over the top. There was much learned of each other to continue to build our bond. Stories that just can’t simply be told in a backblast! Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


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