2/19/21 grizzly. 6 PAX came out in 8 degree weather because stupid is as stupid does.

Einstein, Pappy, Cosmo, Herbie, Wrigley & Spaceballs

Warm up with
SSH x25
Abe Vigoda x10
Grass Grabbers X10
Imperial Walkers X20

Mosey across the street to the strip mall for some lines

3 rounds of ascending exercise lines //// 14 lines total

Round 1 – Squats with lunges between lines
Round 2 – Merkins with bear crawls between lines
Round 3 – Big Boy Sit Ups with crab walks between lines

Knob creek recovery mosey/mosey back to the flag

Before all the snow goes away, PAX were required to follow the Q up a snow covered hill with a bear crawl. Affectionately referred to as a Polar Bear Crawl.

Finished with a few Mary exercises
LBC x30
Freddy Mercury x20
Rosalita x15
Low flutters x20

Cosmo closed us out with a cool down yoga stretch

The PAX shared a fair amount of dismay concerning the exercises in the parking lot. Threats were made in my direction. Many birthing noises could be heard as we finished up all of our exercises. It’s proof that you’re working hard. If you didn’t grunt, did it actually work?

Upon completing the polar bear crawl, I had to remove snow from my face on 2 occasions. It’s unclear how snow got in my face but I suspect the others.

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