Weather- much warmer and dryer than the past week 20 degrees felt so warm
Disclaimer and principles stated quickly followed with a crack of the whip directions as to where the heck are all the coupons I asked for in the preblast? Warm up concluded with a plank position until all PAX got their loaner rucks, out of their trucks, and what nots.

The thang:

Split up into 3 groups we headed out to th south side of the hill, taking tu ns carrying the coupons. Stations and shapes explained

Oval-ruck indian run 1 lap 1/4 mile
Triangle-walk from base of bridge, up the hill, down the other hill, back to bridge
Circle coupon circle
Zamp hold, zerker hold, shouldering coupons, balance beam, think tank

Ruck to diamond taking tu ns carrying coupons.

Once at the diamond groups spread out taking turns carrying the coupons aroud the bases.

The final stretch consisted of more coupon trades and high knee rucking through 10 plus inches of snow.

Notes to self: 1. Work on chipperness 2. Add more indian run ruck. 3. Budget more time for a think tank with the new wooden post
Mumble chatter was hilarious from group 3, especially after I shared teaching about the male reproductive system this week at school. Noises from the ammo box need not explained.

For those who went on to th service project with IDES that was a beatdown all by itself. Great work men. Stay healthy!

Partner relay- groups of 3 take coupon to each parking lot line

Ruck property rest of time

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