Feb 22. 38 degrees, breeze and wet from overnight rain/snow)

6 Pax reported to Grizzly. Cosmo, Coyote, Wrigley, Herbie, Einstein, Pappy (Q)


5 Principles 

Warm up 

15 IC Weed Pickers 

15 IC Wind Mills 

15 IC Imperial Walkers 

10 IC Arm Circles forward 

10 IC Arm Circle Backwards 

From 6 Motivators (today is 2/22, so 2+2+2=6) 


Move to Parking lot. 

Blockie Clean and Press, 22 rounds  (just like a clean and press with free weights but with Cindy instead)

Start with 1 Clean and press sprint/run 30 yard and return to block

Rinse and repeat adding 1 additional Clean and Press each round until you get to 22 total rounds.

At round 5 extra credit include 5 Man makers 

At round 10 and 20 extra credit of 10 and 20 merkins 

During round 15-20 every time a car drives by do 5 Monkey Humpers!!


Hit 1 minute per exercise no rest 

High Knees

High Plank

Low Plank 


Recover Recover 

COT- Continued prayers for Cosmos M, and Coyote’s neighbor’s daughter.

Mole Skin-

Quiet morning. It was nice to be in weather that wasn’t in the single digits, almost felt warm. Hard work out this morning, great job men. Q called an audible at round 15 and add the monkey humpers instead of more man makers, all PAX where grateful, though after a string of 5 cars in a row, the monkey humpers were no longer welcome. Coyotes prayer request was a sobering reminder of the mental health issues plaguing our world, especially teens and young adults. We all need to continue to be HIMs and lead those around us letting everyone know they are wanted and loved.

God Bless you all.  

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