33 degrees, slight wind, cloudy skies, damp from the rain overnight for 5 PAX. Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Boucher, Maestro, Daisy QIC


  • Reach arounds 15IC
  • Grass Pickers 15IC
  • Finkle swings 10 each leg
  • Side lunges 10IC
  • Stretch whatever tight- leg emphasis

Thang: Squat-o-Rama shelter tour

Mosey to each shelter house. At each shelter house complete 10 up and overs on the picnic tables. Between each up and over, complete each exercise- then mosey to the next shelter house.

  • 10 squats
  • 5 pistol squats right leg
  • 5 pistol squats left leg
  • 10 calf raises
  • 10 monkey humpers
  • 5 spiced rum squats right leg
  • 5 spiced rum squats left leg
  • 5 Bulgarian squats right leg
  • 5 Bulgarian squats left leg
  • 10 Wojos (jump squats with a slap of the ground)

Mosey to the flag for Mary

  • Weezy Jefferson’s 15IC
  • Flutter kicks 15IC
  • Box cutters 15 IC
  • Freddie Mercury’s 15IC
  • Bear hold for remainder (25 seconds)

Moleskin: Three PAX emerge from their vehicles wondering where the others are. Boucher came in very hot! Discussion about what an HC actually met ensued. Also what 🤟🏻 also meant. Regardless of the small number- spirits were high for the start of the week, as we made it through the large amount of squats- 360 in total. A bonus for the morning- as we started the workout at the first shelter house- a figure could be seen running to join us. While we thought it was slit running late- it turned out to be Maestro making a triumphant appearance- which raised spirits more. Damp from the rain overnight, the snow seemed to have started to melt- but not enough to make the snow any less rough to trudge through. Good leg workout- the demonstration of pistol squats makes YHC feel like those will be making an appearance again. All in all a nice start to the week. Hoping to see more show up this week as we seem to have a little better weather. As we are celebrating the Lenten season and preparing for Easter, hopefully we are focusing on finding ways to better ourselves and being the best “us” that we can be. Maybe posting more frequently would be a great start to that!!!! Just a thought!

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