Pax: Nomad, Proximity, Beefsteak, Biscuit, Logger, Spud, Khaki, Snaphook, Chirp Chirp, Woolly Dutchman, Pontoon19, Bumblebee, Square, Motorboat, Cornwallis (Q)

Core Principles

SSH x 1
IST x 1
Weed Picker x 1

Run to the parking deck by Sun King

Backwards run up the ramps, regular run on the flats all the way to the top.
Stairs down to the bottom and then back up.
Backwards run on the flats and regular run down the ramps to the bottom.
Pick up the 6

Run the stairs (taking each step) to the top and back down.

1 minute wall sit

Run back for warm-o-down-o
SSH x 50
IST x 20
Weedpicker x 20

Recover, Recover!

-And so it begins! Great turnout this morning for day 1.
-Khaki was embarrassed to live in Carmel because of the ice sculptures on display. Pinkies up Carmel 🍸
-Once we hit the parking deck Beefsteak took off and never looked back! Strong brother!
-Motorboat took off also because he had to cut it short to get to work.
-Everyone worked really hard today. The parking deck is a nice amenity for the Vet and if you haven’t been to that AO you have to check it out! Lots of fun options.
-Rest up boys. Drink lots of water. Stretch. Eat well. See you tonight, if you’re up for it.


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