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Core Principles

Warmup was before we started.


Bear Crawl 1 lap (.20 miles)
Lunge Walk 1 lap
Broad Jump Burpee 1 lap
Lunge Walk 1 lap
Bear Crawl 1 lap
Total- 1 mile

Recover Recover!

-Great to be at Tundra today, although the 3rd workout in 24 hours had everyone a little sore, or maybe it was just me.
-There was a great silence in the group in the minutes leading up to the start. Everyone trying to wrap their heads around what may be coming, including YHC.
-Once the workout was described everyone went straight after it.
-Bearcrawls and lunges were pretty straight forward and work as normal. I think the great equalizer and humbler came with the broad jump burpees. They just never ended. Everyone got through the burpees, to the best of my knowledge. Mad respect!
-Finishing this required more time than anticipated, but it may be a good one for an hour long workout sometime. It was an all around test of body and mind.
-I hope everyone pushed themselves harder than they thought they could. That is what TWoC is all about. It’s not supposed to be easy. If it was easy we’d do it all the time.
-I don’t care if you are fast, I just want everyone to do the exercises to the best of their ability. Don’t cheap yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. But find someone who is stronger and try to improve every day.
-See you tomorrow, if you choose, for our mid week “rest” day at the Hill. It’s all down hill from there. If you’ve made it this far, T-claps to you! If you are gunning for the 7 post patch, I hope you will have felt like you gave it everything you have and will feel proud to EARN that little piece of fabric so you can wear it proudly. It’s about more than a patch though.


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