Weather: 38

Pax: Snooki, Slider, Faceoff & Snaphook

WarmO – 20 SSH IC, Runners Stretches, Tempo Squats, Sprinkler (still bad at this), Sun Gods. Frankenstein Slowly, then Mosey with high knees, buttkickers, and mosey west.

Thang: AYG 80 Yds. 40 single ct Mtn Climbers oyo at line. slowsy back. Q calls out a Core to complete & then Pax take turns giving gifts of exercises, and…. rinse/repeat.

Rd 1. AYG +40 West Virginia Mtn Climbers – American Hammers -& Snooki 20 BBSU

Rd 2. AYG +40 Mtn Climbers – Crab Cakes – & Slider 15 Hand Release Merkins

Rd 3. AYG +40 Mtn Climbers – Pickle Pointers – & Snaphook 40′ of Flying Nuns

Rd 4. AYG + 40 Mtn Climbers – Bear Hold – & Faceoff 20 Burpees

Rd 5. AYG + 40 Mtn Climbers – Dying Cockroaches – & Snooki 15 Carolina Dry Docks

Rd 6. AYG + 40 Mtn Climbers – Freddy Mercury’s – & Slider 15IC Aussie Snow Angels

Rd 7. AYG + 40 Mtn Climbers – 10 X’s & O’s, hold last X into don’t cross dolly’s IC. – & Faceoff 20 Merkins

Mosey back east for COT- namo & picture time. kept the imitation theme going with Khaki poses @ The Flag.

Moleskine- YHC was a little nervous, for a minute there it was me and the Ray’s truck driver and he looked like he wasn’t going to stick around. Thankfully 3 pax rolled in right on time and off we went. Faceoff sent shockwaves through the air when he picked burpess. beef probably would of enjoyed that gift, however I started looking for a gift receipt. funny chatter about how CDD remind us of 2.0’s pushup form. all the pax seemed to enjoy the pre-spring break xtra focus on the beach abs for our M’s. Kitty’s podcast got me thinking about some of my favorite beatdowns- so yhc combined a Wapner with a beefsteak. Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery– (somewhere someone said this)

Philippians 4:9 The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

COT- please keep praying for my M -back issues. & Snooki -big project @ work and the stress and anxiety that goes w that. Announcements- Can food challenge, Swayzee – see upcoming 3rd F project in March. SYITG Soon! Keep EH’ing. – Snap

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