Weather…40 degrees, light wind, clear skies, full(ish) moon on the horizon. Glorious after all the crap weather the past few weeks.

10 Pax reporting…Cosmo, Commodore, Einstein, Coyote, Genie, Fantana, Herbie, Pappy, Kitty, Wrigley (Q)

Welcome & Disclaimer & Core Principles

Warm Up

SSHs, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Weed Pickers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Wall Sit (with various arm extensions)

Mosey to the Northwest corner of the park.

The Thang

We split into two groups of five to help us spread out on the path.

Starting at tree #1, complete a series of 2 squats, 2 lunges, 4-ct mountain climbers, 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 groiners, and 2 SSHs.

Run (or walk as the path got icy in certain parts) to the next tree. Rinse and repeat at each tree and complete a full lap of the park.

End at the last tree at the corner of the basketball court. According to Google Maps, there should have been around 55 trees. YHC stopped counting after tree #3.

Mosey back to the wall.


LBCs IC x 50

Recover Recover


Moleskin: The warmer temps brought out some shorts and lighter gear. Once you’ve posted in zero degree wind chill, 40 degrees feels tropical. Awesome having Commodore back out! Fantana still introducing himself to guys he’s met several times. We’ll blame it on the lack of lighting at Grizzly. Heard a lot of mumble chatter coming from Group #1 and mostly grunting from Group #2. No ice casualties, but a few guys thought they were Olympic skaters for a brief shining moment. Good work today men!

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