The Hill

Pax: Snooki, Motorboat, Nomad, Little giant, Spaceballs, Ponzi, Bumblebee, Proximity, Cheeseball, Spud, Tulip, Faceoff, Wilson, Pontoon19, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Clancy, Kindergarten Cop, Beefsteak, Lincoln Log, Chirp Chirp, Square, Biscuit, Woolly Dutchman, Cornwallis (Q)

Core Principles

SSH x 20
IST x 10
Windmill x 10
Kick with Twist x 2

Split into 2 games as we had 25 pax!

Every Minute we did 5 merkins for 40 minutes for a total of 200 Merkins!

Punishment for being scored on was 10 squat star jumps.

Recover Recover!

-YHC realized after pulling off of Keystone that the “Clear” preblast was actually not correct. In a moment of desperation YHC edited the message to say “West” side in hopes that people would check their phone. Don’t worry Clancy, no one was around (doesn’t make it right though).
-Then when YHC pulled into the parking lot in an effort to correct his mistakes again a photo of the parking lot was posted on the 1st F channel.
-There were only about 6 of us at 0530 and YHC really thought everyone either overslept or had enough of TWoC. So we started Warm Up and out of nowhere about 15 pax came running over the hill. If not embarrassed from the poor directions in the PB I think YHC would have been in tears seeing everyone show up at the last minute.
-Then it was game on!
-For the first time we split into 2 games going on simultaneously
-The wind was a little weird today and made for some really interesting throws.
-Stopping every minute seemed to be a momentum shifter at times and other times it worked in teams favor.
-At one point the other team was not stopping to do their merkins and YHC threatened to make them do burpees if they continued with their insubordination (not like YHC has any power anyway, but in his head he thought so at that moment and tried to demonstrate that only to feel puny afterwards).
-There was one brief scare as Nomad was down in the end zone. Everyone stopped and waited to see if he was okay. GAME ON!!
-It was great having Dr. Porkchop back after 3 weeks off with the new 2.0!
-At the half way point we switched the green jersey teams so that we could play different opponents. That was pretty fun and gave us a chance to play against everyone.
-From YHC’s perspective the Player of the game goes to Lincoln Log. That man was everywhere!
-Hope y’all had fun today. Tomorrow TWoC continues at the Pit as we get after it again. Only 3 posts left!


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