4 PAX at The Vet – Snaphook, Motorboat, McStuffins, Clancy (Q)

Weather: 26 Degrees after the false spring – but the birds were chirping!

Welcome – Core Principles, Watch for Ice

SSH X 15
Weedpickers X 10
Imperial Walkers X 10

Palladium Olympics
2 Teams of 2. Everyone started at the Start Line with a Motivator from 10. Partners split first two Stages. First partner finished went to partner to help finish 100. Partners ran to their next respective Stage. Partners split second two Stages. First partner finished went to partner to help finish 100. Partners ran to Stage 5 and shared 100. Partners ran to finish line for another Motivator from 10.
Start Line – Motivator from 10
Stage #1 – 100 Squats
Stage #2 – 100 LBCs
Stage #3 – 100 Lunges – 2 is 1
Stage #4 – 100 Calf Raises
Stage #5 – 100 Flutter Kicks – 2 is 1
Finish Line – Motivator from 10
Winners announced
All PAX returned to each Stage to collect cones. 25 at each Stage to collect cone. Finished with another Motivator from 10.

1 minute low-plank

Recover, Recover.

COT – Get ready for the March can drive. Bring 1 can good for each post during month of March to provide to local food bank. Prayers for Snaphook’s M, for the gift of the HIMS, and for the veterans.

YHC reminded the PAX present of the Cake Bake competition that Snaphook had on a previous beatdown. During that competition, Motorboat and I walked away with the Gold Medal. It was noted that we have yet to receive our gold medal. The event coordinator has yet to follow through with his promise. So, for this one, it was decided there was no entry fee. Snaphook was sure that his new partner, McStuffins had what it took to take down the champs. YHC wanted to give him a shot at redemption. It was neck and neck the whole way. After the starting motivator from 10, we raced to our first stage. Motorboat and McStuffins finished their LBCs in record time and returned to their slow partners at stage 1 to wrap up the squats. YHC declared this a stupid idea 20 squats in. Team Snappy Stuff took an early lead. Snaphook and Clancy whipped out calf raises quickly. The issue came when we were required to return to our partners. Our Zamboni Calves didn’t want to work to run back to stage 3. Team Snappy Stuff grew their lead a little going to stage 5. But it was clear Team Motor Clancy had some gas in them. Motorboat went all beast mode in the flutter kicks to set the world record with some extra credit. As stage 5 was finishing, it seemed Team Snappy Stuff had this competition all wrapped up. At the finish line, Team Motor Clancy were so fast at the motivator ground was made. It was neck and neck at the finish line where Team Motor Clancy edged out Team Snappy Stuff for yet another gold medal. Although Snaphook felt he needed some more and tried to go back to stage 1. Not only that, he continued to do exercises after recover recover. This resulted in a fine payable to the event coordinator. It is expected that fine will never be seen, just like the first gold medal he promised. We learned that YHC has trouble counting that many motivators, and Motorboat has a Motivator speed that is not human. McStuffins pulled the Q aside later and protested the partner selection. He wasn’t present at the Cake Bake event, so he didn’t realize he was just a pawn in the game of YHC. The Champions reigned with humility and shared the snowdium for the picture by the beautiful flags.

Love you guys!

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