9 pax posted on a 27 degree morning.  Bubblicious, Boucher, Stache, Daisy, Humdinger, Jay-z, Crabby PO, Ariel, Piper QIC.  

Warm up 
Shoulder pretzels x 20IC
Sprinklers x 15 IC
Grass pickers x 15 IC
Motivator from 10

Tire Flip x 5 
Merkins x 10
Navy seal burpees- add 1 each lap
Maestro lap
Rinse and repeat 

In and outs IC x 25
Pickle pointers IC X 20
Crunchy frog OYO x 20

Moleskin: Good effort given by both teams, we officially ended in a draw. Pax completed at least 8 rounds, meaning that each pax had 40 tire flips, 80 merkins, and 36 navy seal burpees, so add another 108 merkins to the total. Solid warm up for the month of burpees in March.

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