Weather: 37

Pax: Slider, State, Genie, Fantana, Kindergarten Cop, Clancy, Chirp Chirp, Snaphook

WarmO- Abe Vigoda, SSH, Moroccan night club, Randy’s, arm circles, Overhead claps & Mosey.

Thang; Block Party w tunes.

10 Blockees – 15 Plank block drags – 20 block take it &leave it sit ups – 25 Plyo Merkins

30 Goblet Squats – 35 Block hold Flutters – 40 Tricep hold & squat – 45 Wipers – 50 Curls

Run 400 Meters

50 Horizontal Block Presses – 45 Block Mtn Climbers- 40 Block Hugging Calf Raises – 35 Kettle Block Swings

30 Block Plank Jacks – 25 Alpo’s – 20 Block Jumps – 15 Plank Block drags – 10 Blockees

Mary: 10 Hallelujah block dolly’s IC, 25 LBC’s IC, 25 Starfish Crunches IC

Announcements/COT/Picture& NameO

Moleskine: Pax busted this out all together. most of the grumbling was targeted at the Alpo’s. The Pax of various heights all pointed out why/how they are challenging for them. Clancy demonstrated perfect form of the stink eye whenever YHC called out a squat/leg exercise. State impressed all with his 90’s baseball intro knowledge. tragedy struck with the tunes @ the midway point as the phone froze. No Glory Days, No take me out to the ball game, No deep in the heart of Texas.. but we pushed through and YHC assumed this was just a sign that the Reds shot at the World Series is over before the season started. T-claps to Chirp for saving name-o and picture time w his phone. unfortunately due to the phone freeze yhc never got around to a self improvement challenge we were presented with at Church last weekend. I think it really translates to F3. here are 9 focus areas- pick one that you could work on this year. Love – Joy – Peace – Patience – Kindness – Goodness – Faithfulness – Gentleness – Self Control.

Love y’all- great work today. Snap

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