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Pax: Butterfly, Khaki, McStuffins, Bumblebee, Springbok, Beefsteak, Mullet, Square, Proximity, Pickles, Sarge, Nomad, Woolly Dutchman, Pontoon19, Spud, Beater, Ace, Cornwallis (Q)

Warmup before the beatdown

Core Principles


The rules are simple, the task near impossible. Exercises and reps below, however each rep must be done consecutively. If a break or pause in your reps is necessary, you must take an 80 yard mosey to “catch your breath’. You must also take the same mosey at the completion of each exercise…For those who are about to die we salute you!

Merkins x 100

Air Squat x 100

Ssh x 100

Burpees x 50

LBC x 100

Carolina Dry Docks x 100

Jump squats x 100

Tricep Pullover with rock (lying on your back) x 100

Hand release Merkins x 100

WWII situps x 100

Recover Recover!

-Today was inspiring! As the penultimate day of TWoC YHC knew this would be a true test of will, grit, heart, soul, and body. After yesterday’s Diddy and the early week of 3 posts in 24 hours, it all came down to this. The Spartacus has defeated many men, including YHC many times. It just keeps punching round after round.
-Today everyone gave such a strong effort. Even attempting Spartacus is ridiculous, but to see so many guys gut it out was the highlight of my week.
-Beater was on a whole other level today and freakin crushed it! Way to go brother! Once he was done he continued to workout with guys until Recover Recover was proclaimed. True HIM!
-Pax were encouraging one another, working alongside each other, and no one let anyone else finish alone. This is what F3 is all about. This is what our world needs more of!
-If you have been to every post this week for TWoC AND finished today, you are on a whole other level and my hat is off to you. I hope you are proud of yourself and how hard you have pushed through the pain. I hope you feel like you have truly earned this patch when you get it tomorrow. The hard work is done. Tomorrow is the victory lap. It won’t necessarily be a cake walk, but we will have fun and share battle stories as we walk shoulder to shoulder through the finish line.
-Thank you for supporting me through this ridiculousness. Knowing you’d be there each morning helped me get out of bed. I couldn’t be more proud than to get to celebrate with you on my 7 year F3 anniversary tomorrow.


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