13 PAX at the Hill for the fast and furious 5k ruck at the Hill
Weather, upper 30s no wind no precipitation

Great turnout for what I thought would be very low attended. Q had instructions that we would be moving more than just swiftly for the 5k with checkpoints to stop and double back to get the six caught up and Mary.

Rucking at a brisk pace, indian ruck running, and interval ruck and runs kept the group on pace. 9 1/2 minutes in mumble chatter from Sarge stating I am sick for making us do this was the biggest complement I think I’ve ever had at F3. I knew at that moment it was going to be a great day.

Mary was held until the end to keep the priority of finishing the 5k. Let’s do this again in 2 months.

T claps to Snooki for being distance tracker and the end and noting the ground was indeed wet. Optimus was delegated to help pick up the 6 and did a fine job. Double t claps to Hearthrob for enduring practically the entire ruck with not 1 but 2 wardrobe malfunctions. I hope the ruck sack can mend without too much trouble. Welcome back Ringo!

This was a stretch for me but have wanted to do something t for awhile. Felt great to see where I am and where I want to be in the future. Thank you all for making me a better version of myself.

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