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0655- Inspection of team and individual gear.

Gave TL (Spud) and ATL (Pontoon19) instructions for the mission.

2 Tasks:
1) Retrieve the dry bag out of the creek. Inside the dry bag are your instructions for the path you will take and how.
2) Stay together as a team and pick up all of the team gear. Once you pick up the coupons you cannot set them on the ground again until you get back here. Sandbags cannot be carried on your shoulders. 2×4 must go through the cinderblocks. Be back by 0800.

Individual items (everyone needs) 
Reflector bands/vest/or belt 
20lb weight minimum 
2 liters of water 
2 koozies 

Team items 
1 2×4 (at least 8’ long or longer)
2 cinderblocks 
4 gallon jugs of water 
1 40lb sandbag (Goruck type with handles) 
1 60lb sandbag (Goruck type) 
1 30 lb kettlebell 
1 ammo can with at least 20lbs in it 
1 5gal bucket with 4 bricks in it
1 dive mask with snorkel

Here is the map:

Here is what we did:

-Spud and Pontoon had everyone in formation with gear inspections right at 0655! Great job!
-Getting the dry bag out of the creek was fun to watch. I thought someone would have walked into the water to get it but they wanted to keep their feet nice and dry so they had 2 good ideas. Put rocks out into the creek to walk on and then use the 2×4 to loop the rope and retrieve it, as seen here:

-Next they looked at the map (see above) and put a game plan together.

-One of the best decisions was to not spend so much time trying to figure it out but just get moving and course correct. Great job Spud!
-Moving with that much weight and only a couple of guys free to rotate out meant that the group moved slower than I anticipated. Spirits were high though and it was fun to watch the guys interacting with each other after being together every day for 7 days straight. Many guys who probably didn’t know each other that well at the beginning of the week now were interacting. That was the highlight of my day and caused a little salty discharge to appear in my eyes.
-The instructions I gave were not super clear and TL thought his course needed to look exactly like the map, instead of taking the faster route, so we double backed on the C and that cost a lot of time.
-After a discussion with TL we decided that it was more important to get back in time and so we abandoned the spelling of CORN and weaved our way through a ridiculously designed neighborhood. Come on Fishers! You can do better.
-We eventually made it back and had an AAR with the TL.
-The magic words recover recover were proclaimed and patches were handed out.
-I am truly honored to have spent the last 7 days with these 11 pax, in addition to a total of 42 pax who participated in at least one of the posts throughout all of the AO’s.
-I’m not sure what the future of TWoC holds, if we will see it again or not, but I do know we have gotten stronger both physically and as the bonds that come from suffering together. You all are truly HIM and I’m honored to know you and call you friends. Keep doing hard things and accelerating in life.
-This day 7 years ago I posted for the first time to F3 and had no idea where it would take me. Each day is a new adventure.

Pax who completed all 7 posts. Be sure to congratulate them when you see them:
Woolly Dutchman

AYE! s

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