11 PAX made it out to a balmy 31 F workout this morning for a little Murph training. Pew Pew, Wapner, Stache, CrabbyPo, Jay-Z, Popeye, Piper, Daisy, Boucher, Humdinger, Bubblicious(QIC)


**2 rounds of 6 movements for 30 seconds/exercise**

Jog in Place
High Knees
Shoulder Press
Butt Kicks
Mummy Kicks
Arm Circles
Harry Rockettes


March 1st is approximately 3/4th’s the way to the annual Memorial Day Murph. So, great time to knock out 75% of a Murph workout today.

.75 Mile Mosey
75 Pull Ups
150 Merkins
225 Squats
.75 Mile Mosey


20 Never Cross Dolly

10 LBFCs (Little Baby Flutter Crunch)

10 Pretzel Crunch ea. side

Rinse and Repeat

What a shot in the arm to see Kotters and Fartsackers this morning! Sweatin to some tunes made for high spirits as we descended into the gloom for another Bubblicious wild goose chase through the park where no one knew exactly where we were going. NBD. Q wasn’t sure where this weinke was taking us either. High praise for Piper, he absolutely smoked it this morning. He should definitely be wearing a weighted vest come full Murph time. GroupMe mumble chatter revealed Pew Pew sandbagged the morning workout and still had plenty left in the tank for some 405lb curls later in the day. Pew Pew also expressed something being pointless without Ariels? I’m not sure, hopefully Ariel and Pew Pew can explain on Wednesday.

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