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  • f3 is not responsible
  • Northview is not responsible
  • If you get hurt, we will help you to your car
  • This is you vs. you, Modify as needed

5 core principals

  • Open to all men
  • Free of charge
  • Always outside
  • Peer led
  • Ends in circle of trust

Warm up :

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Imperial walkers 10 IC
  • Arm circles 10 forward, 10 backward
  • Weed pickers 10IC

Thang: Roll 2 die to figure out what exercise to complete, then roll correct number of die to find out how many to complete. burpees – X2 die

  • 2-burpees X2 dice
  • 3-Crab walk X2 dice
  • 4-Carolina dry docks -X3 dice
  • 5-Dips – X3 die
  • 6-Squats – X4 die
  • 7-Merkins – X4 die
  • 8-Calf Raises – X4 die
  • 9-Shoulder taps (2 is 1) -X3 die
  • 10-Big boi’s – X4 die
  • 11-J-lo’s (2 is 1) – x 4 die
  • 12-Squat jumps – x 2 die

Moleskin: nice turn out for a brisk Tuesday morning! Got the warm up going and started to mosey toward the fish bowl at the front of the church but then realized that there are some parking blocks close to the church on the east side so we did our beat down there. YHC realized that the parking blocks are not wide enough to do calf raise so Cosmo, Ringo and YHC shared a light pole. Was a little strange as we didn’t know of eye contact was appropriate or not, then Ringo reminded us that he was a minor and decided to keep that line of mumble chatter to a minimum. 10’s seemed to come up a lot at the start with 7’s being rolled the most. YHC may like the bear crawl better than crab walks as well. Asked what could have been done differently to keep the momentum going with the workout, and Cosmo gave me a great idea that I will have to try out another morning. All in all was a good workout and had a good time. Thank you gentleman!

Cot: sign up to help on Saturday on 3rd f channel if you are available. Bring pantry items to your posts. Prayers for Cosmo’s M as she has more tests this week.

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