The Pit

Pax: Square, Proximity, Cornwallis (Q)

Each pax used 2 full milk jugs

Core Principles

Arm circles forwards and back x 10 each
Mosey with high knees, butt kickers, straight legs, karaoke
SSH x 5
Jug straddle hop x 5
Windmill x 5
Jugmill x 5
IST x 5
Imperial Jug troopers x 5


Zamperini carry to rock pile
5 Jurpees
Curls with jugs x 10
Press with jugs x 10
Skull crusher with jugs x 10
Thrusters with jugs x 10
Jurpees x 5

Jug Suicides
Carry jug to first station, leave them, then run back. Run back and carry them to the next, leave, run back…
Repeato until the jugs are back at the start

Lunge walk to the stairs

10 Jurpees

1st person runs up the stairs and down the ramp with jugs while others do exercises and then switch until everyone has complete the run.
Round 1: Zamperini hold jugs
Round 2: Al Gore
Round 3: Plank
Round 4 : Jug swings

Zamperini carry jugs to the hill

Quadrafeelia up the hill, do exercise, then run down, down and do exercise. Top of the hill are squats, bottom of hill are LBC’s. All with jugs.
Round 1: 5 reps each
Round 2: 10 Reps each
Round 3: 15 reps each
Round 4: 20 reps each

Zamperini back

10 Jurpees

Flutter kicks holding jugs x 20
WWII S/U x 20 with jug
LBC x 20
Juggy Twist x 10

Recover Recover!

-This was a throwback to 2019 when I debuted the jug workout here in F3 Indy. Idea inspired by Gnarly Goat who used to lead a Jug workout.
-Milk jugs are deceptively tough to do exercises with. They are awkward and throw things off just enough to be annoying.
-Proximity said he was skeptical coming today and what we would do with Milk Jugs, but I think he was pleasantly surprised how effective they were.
-Have a great day and thanks for coming out!


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