7 Pax punctually posted to the EZ for a prototypical block party. Weather was dry and in the low-mid 30s. Beefsteak, Doc McStuffins, Saarrrge, Pickles, Mullet, Springbok, Beater (Q)

Moroccan night clubs
Village Persons (spell out YMCA)
Uneven squats over the block (alternate legs each rep)

  • Thang
  • Circle of fire: Pax hold tension hold while one pax does one rep move, passes it to next pax, etc. Rotate around circle until multiple tension hold failures, then Q adds a second wave of rep moves to shorten time under tension (any given time, 2 pax 180 deg apart are doing their rep – in theory). Continue until multiple failures again. Between rounds, mosey a half-arsed loop around the parking lot to stretch out. Combos included (tension hold/rep move):
  • Zamp hold/Man maker
  • Rack hold/thruster
  • LBC (block pressed, with shoulders off ground as much as possible)/press up into BBC
  • Bent row/MM
  • Decline side plank/merkin
  • Goblet squat/KB swing
  • [holding onto block, which is on ground north of noggin] Low leg raise/leg lift all the way and push feet to sky (incredibly clever way to incorporate Mary into Thang, in YHC’s humble opinion)

– Pax held on for more circles per round than they probably wanted to – killer effort!
– It was agreed that hearty grunts significantly increased power output, with wholly-appropriate comparisons made between us Pax and world-class level female tennis players
– YHC hoped that McStuffin’s “Hnnnnggg Saaarrrge” was halfway as encouraging to Saarrrge as it was to rest of pax
– 2/3 of ways through Thang, the inmates officially took over the asylum, designating their own second waves to reduce tension time. The mutiny was rewarded by additional circles
– EZ Pax are either incredibly blessed, or incredibly shy with prayer requests. Looking out for all intentions said and unsaid for the good men of EZ

Don’t forget service project this weekend, and to bring your canned goods each time you post

SYITG next time, fellas!

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