27 degrees, frost covered grass, clear skies as 11 PAX came out for some a fun Friday beat down. Popeye, Jay-Z, Piper, Slit, Stache, Pew Pew, Wapner, Bubblicious, CrabbyPO, Boucher, Daisy-QIC


  • Shoulder Preztels- 20IC
  • Reach around/ reach overs- 10IC
  • Side lunges- 10IC
  • Scorpion stretch
  • Stretch tightness OYO
  • Mosey to stairs

Thang: Musical Stairs- 4 stations, 5 groups. 5th group starts with a stair lap while other groups begin designated exercise at four corners of the stairs. 5th group relieves group one and starts exercises at that spot, 1’s move on to relieve 2’s and do those exercises, etc. when song changes, exercises change.

Song 1- Back in Black: inclined merkins, alternating overhead and seal claps, merkins, dips

Song 2- Any way you want it: squats, lunges, skaters, calf raises

Song 3- We’re not gonna take it- Flutter kicks, LBCs, Freddie Mecury, Alternate Boat and Canoe.

Song 4- Born to Run: Stair Laps duration of the song.

Song 5- Polka your eyes out: Decline Merkins, Monkey Humpers, burpees, No Surrenders

Song 6- Don’t Stop til You Get Enough: Brick Brigade- Indian run format passing the block up and down the stairs- running the brick between the stairs once at the top and bottom.

Song 7- Heart on Fire: Rocky Balboa, overhead presses, leg raises, Mike Tysons

Song 8- Basket case: jump squats, jump lunges, SSH, wall jumps or step ups

Song 9- We built this city- stair suicides


Song 10- Proud Mary: Big Boys, gas pumps, flutter kicks rotation.

Thang: great turn out for the return of Musical Stairs. Spirits were high as this morning as Stache came in blazing Creed to warm the hearts of the PAX already there to be followed by good laughter during the warm up. We have discovered that cadence exercises that count to 8 are not our strong suit…. something to work on! Musical stairs delivered the full body beat down we remembered from July. But fun was had as we rotated through the exercises and hopefully this play list was to the liking of the PAX. YHC was excited when Boucher recognized the Weird Al song thrown in the mix. Not much can get the heart pumping like exercising to great tunes parodied to Polka music. Loved the chaos of the Brick Brigade!!!! Note to self- move the jumping round up towards the front, legs wore out toward the end!!!!! After the workout we celebrated National Oreo Day with Mega Stuff Oreos to appease Jay-Z’s opinion of no other Oreo mattering, and for those that don’t believe in cookies for breakfast- strawberry glazed donut Oreos were supplied so it felt like breakfast. Love this group so much! The pushing of each other, the genuine care about each member, the bettering of each other as we overcome our own weaknesses, and the laughter shared makes YHC proud to make the drive each MWF. Hope to see more Kotters as the weather continues to warm up! Enjoy the weekend fellas and see you all Monday!!!!

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