Weather: Beautiful, clear 57 degrees

2 Pax made it out for the party: Kitty 🐱 and Zoolander (Q)

Warm up:

Albatross: Arm Circles Forward (25IC) then hold for 10ct, Arm Circle Backwards (25IC) then hold for 10ct, Over head claps (25IC) then hold for 10ct

Weed pickers: slow and steady x 12IC

The thang:

I drew inspiration from Quick’s FHW and created a Block Party alphabet workout. The different twist was that I brought a Scattegories die and used Lady Luck to lead the work out. The Pax took turns rolling the die and completing the task.


Vertical Gas Pumpers: on your six, then set the block up vertically and swing legs over the block from side to side x15IC

Block Gas Pumpers: on your six, pump your legs in and out on each side of the block x 15IC

Low Dolly’s x 15 IC

Big Boys with the block holding your feet 25 OYO

Recover Recover

COT: Praise for Kitty’s new job, and praise for the beautiful weather!! Lifting up Cheeseball and his friend’s family after the passing of his friend, also lifting up Kitty’s friend Nate after the passing of Nate’s brother last weekend.

Moleskin: The alphabet needs some tweaks but it was a solid workout that I will be feeling tomorrow!! I know it is all the luck of the roll but tonight my legs were not so lucky!! The Q modified some of the rolls in fear that if we attempted to lift the block over our head a couple more times that there might be a permanent indentation from a true skull crusher!!

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