3/8/21 Grizzly 34 degrees and calm.  9 PAX reporting.  Zamboni, Pappy, Einstein, Spaceballs, Wrigley, Jackie Moon, Chirp Chirp, Herbie, Coyote (Q) 

*** WARM UP ***

  • Raise the Roof for Purdue Fans IC x20
  • We aren’t worthy for IU Fans IC x20
  • Motivators from 9 (9 straight Purdue Wins)
  • Arm circles IC x20
  • Old Man Wind Mills (Abe Vigoda) IC x5 (Only old men remember IU’s 5 National Championships)

*** The Thang ***

Head to the BB Court for a Boiler Up 21 Work Out. Start at the base line and do 1 squat with the block. Walk Cindy to the other end.  At half court do five Block Curls. At the other baseline do 1 Block Merkin. (your choice of incline or decline). Grab Cindy and walk to the other end.  At half court do five Overhead Presses. Rinse and Repeat adding a Squat and a Merkin each round to 21

*** MARY ***

  • Flutter Kicks IC x35.  (35 more wins all time in the series 124-89)
  • American Hammers x24 (24 Big Ten Championships)
  • Burpees IC x0 (0 Purdue National Titles)

*** Mole Skin ***

Great morning to work out in the gloom at Grizzly.  231 Merkins + 231 Squats + 105 Curls + 105 Overhead Presses + 1171 steps = 1843 reps.  That is the number of days since IU last beat Purdue at Basketball.  It was a tough beatdown this morning.  Basically never put the block down except to do Merkins.  Wrigley was a good sport being the lone IU guy at Grizzly today. 

Prayers for Zamboni’s 2 freinds preganancies and for his friends mother who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  Prayers for Cheeseballs friends family who passed away this weekend. 

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