Weather: 36 and pleasant

15 PAX posted: Ringo, Genie, Teddy Bear, Nomad, Logger, Randy (FNG), Fantana, PewPew, Biscuit, State, Spud, Daniel (FNG), Carrot Top, Motorboat, CheeseBall (Q)

Disclaimers and Core Principals Given

Warmup: “leg stretches” OYO

Thang: Runners ran and Ruckers rucked

Moleskin: started right on time at 5:30 with disclaimers and core principals and YHC was ready to get going without a true warmup, however YHC saw an FNG pull into the lot at 5: 30, so to give him tmie to get out of the car decided to do “Leg Stretches” OYO. This caused Logger to mention how the well organized Q became disorganized quickly, but then we were off to do our thang. Ruckers had good conversations while walking along the path near Cherry Tree. Got to know the new FNG’s and hoping to see them back out in the gloom soon! Thanks to Teddy Bear for bringing Daniel and Thanks to Warm Glow for inviting his brother Randy (Even though he fartsacked on the day his brother came LOL). Since Warm Glow fart sacked, his brother has been calling him to “Warm Flow” all day, Which YHC kind of likes lol.

COT: Continued prayers for Carrot Top and his family as they buried his father last week, prayers for cheeseballs friend’s family, the Witherbees, after he passed away on Sunday morning. Keep EH’ing and remember to bring a pantry item to your posts if possible!

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